To be a platform for African youth engaging in various endeavors with which they are bringing a positive impact to the community, in so doing, profiling stories of such inspirational young Africans.


To see more and more youth engaging in personal and community development activities, consciously and purposefully, not afraid to share their stories in to inspire others.

What we do

Promoting personal and community Development among African Youth


Profiling and sharing Young Africans Stories

We share profiles and stories of young Africans taking the big and the little strides in making an impact in their communities


Sharing Content curated by young Africans

We share personal and community development content curated by African Youth, to give a voice and the platform to network and inspire likeminded African youth.



Hosting discussiongs Among Young Africans

We bring together young Africans from accross the continent to share experiences and ideas around current issues.

Encourage solution oriented dialogue among Young Africans

Through bringing together such youth to engage in discussions around Issues affecting Africa.

Project Partnerships

Partner with organizations with similar goals of promoting personal and community development among Young Africans.

Reach Out

To reach out to young Africans across Africa to encourage them to embark on the personal and community development journeys.

Mentor Sessions

Bring in mentors in various fields to share experiences for publishing on our platforms.

Our Commitment

In pursuit of our goal

Of promoting personal and community development among African Youth, we are committed to embark on the following projects


Africa is the world’s youngest continent, its youth (from 35 to 15 years) make up up to

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of africa population is youth