Panel Discussion: Investing in Stocks across Multiple Exchanges in Africa

Investing in stocks is one such easy and smart way of making money. By the virtue of buying stocks of a particular company, one automatically gains part of ownership of such a company. Thus one becomes a shareholder and he is entitled to get dividend benefits. In short, one makes money without getting his hands dirty nor breaking any sweat. What one needs is his capability to make smart choices and little money to start purchasing the stocks.

Make a date with DYV today at 1900hours (CAT) on Zoom (see log in details below) when panelists from different African countries with diverse knowledge on stock market enlighten us on how we can purchase stocks and make smart money.

Here are our panelists:

1. Michael Bengah (Sierra Leone)

Michael Bengah is a native of Sierra Leone. He is currently pursuing an MPA in Public Financial Management at Clark University. He completed his undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Oklahoma and worked as a Staff Accountant at Alchemy Properties in Manhattan, New York.

Michael founded Borderless Podcast- a platform he uses to share stories of people from different parts of the world. He aims to spread inspiration and positivity through his podcast and help inspire the next generation of global leaders.

Michael is a first-generation college student who is dedicated to building generational wealth for himself and his family. He is interested in African development, and the stock market in Africa has recently piqued his interest.


2.Kago Keotshwaetse (Botswana)

Kago Keotshwaetse is a seasoned qualified financial consultant, published author, a passionate facilitator on self-development and marketplace effectiveness as well as an
empowerment speaker. He holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Accounting & Finance from Sheffield Hallam University (UK) and Certificate of Proficiency (Long Term Insurance). Kago is currently completing his ACCA qualification with BAC and pursuing his MSc Finance and Investment Management with University of Salford (UK).

Driven by a fundamental urge to inspire and ignite change, Kago Keotshwaetse has a deep urge for developing society, helping interrogate and dissect the positionalities that we occupy as individuals, corporates and agents of
change within the scope of nation building. He helps many to reorder their lives and shape their lived experiences through unearthing the many
socio- economic and psychological epicenters that express themselves through individuals, agencies and organizations. He has a keen
interest in financial literacy, business
empowerment, leadership and speaks
extensively to personal development. As a consequence of his dedicated passion, he holds workshops, seminars and conferences toward these empowerment angles. His services also include but not limited to financial consultancy, counselling, company/organizational team building, employee empowerment and financial empowerment
and training.


3. Kelline Kanyangala (Malawi)

Kelline Christabel Kanyangala is a professional in the field of finance with a bias towards capital market regulation and policy formulation. She has built her career in the field having worked with Reserve Bank of Malawi as an Examiner-Investment Management; Deloitte as an Audit Trainee; and briefly the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences as a Lecturer in Finance. Currently she is working as the Chief Operating Officer for the Malawi Stock Exchange

Kelline Christabel Kanyangala is a Beit Trust Scholar who possesses a Master’s degree in Finance and Investment (with Distinction) obtained from the University of Leeds (UK). She possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy (with Distinction) from the University of Malawi, the Polytechnic and is also a Chartered Accountant (ACCA).


4. Doreen Majandimo (Malawi)

Doreen is an Associate at Messrs Ritz Attorneys at Law. She is part of the Corporate, Banking and Finance practice block of the firm. She specializes in Corporate Finance. As a corporate finance lawyer, she can advise public and private companies, and other organisations on areas including but not limited to corporate transactions, structure, governance, capital markets, and modes of financing companies and businesses.
Doreen has undergone extensive training in her area of work. She was awarded a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Degree by the University of Malawi in 2018. She was subsequently admitted into the Malawi bar to practice in the Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal, the High Court of Malawi, and all Courts subordinate thereto in the same year, 2018, and is a member of the Malawi Law Society. She also holds a degree of Master of Laws [LLM] in Commercial Law awarded by the University of Cape Town. Over and above her LLB (Hons) degree and LLM degree, she has undergone professional development training in her area. In 2018, she attended a short course at the University of Cape Town on Effective Legal Writing. In 2019, she underwent a short course at the University of Cape Town on the Legal Aspects of Corporate Finance. In 2022, she attended a short course at the University of Cape Town on Commercial Loan Financing. in the legal aspects of corporate finance.

Below are the details to the Panel Discussion:


Time: Apr 23, 2022 07:00 CAT

Meeting ID: 852 8310 3824
Passcode: DYV15

Meeting Link:


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Jonas Zaithwa Yewo Chisi

Jonas Zaithwa Yewo Chisi is an English Teacher, an author, poet, essayist, critic, editor and entrepreneur. He enjoys reading ancient literature and admiring nature.

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