Podcasting Unique Experiences: A Conversation with Yao

In its endeavor to reach out and inspire the African youth, DYV caught up with Yao Selorm of The Yao Experience. In this interview, Yao  expresses how he came about founding The Yao Experience and what it is all about. Lets journey together Yao and learn more about podcasting.


1. How do you describe yourself

I usually find this question hard to answer lol, primarily because I’m often rediscovering myself, but I’d say I’m typically an INFJ: An Advocate. INFJ is someone with the Introverted, Intuitive Feeling with a Judging personality trait. We tend to approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination. We have inner vision and personal values. Basically we are a quiet, principled version of humanism.

2. What do you enjoy doing?
I’d say talking to my people (my circle), spending time at the beach (I’m on a new mission to discover new beaches in Ghana & beyond), and enjoying social media, primarily on Youtube, Instagram & Twitter.

3. What was your motivation towards starting the podcast ‘The Yao Experience”?

I used to write my thoughts and share them on my WhatsApp, and I realized some people connected to my thoughts. But then WhatsApp status lasts for just 24 hours, so why don’t I use a podcast to help people revisit it whenever they want. I also love listening to podcasts, so it was the go-to place for me.

4. What is ‘’The Yao Experience” all about?

It’s my personal journal to share my life with people. I hope to connect with my listeners on a deeper level. Most of my deep secrets are shared there lol maybe because most people won’t listen as compared to reading on my WhatsApp status

5. Who is the target audience?

My friends, family and anyone who would love my thoughts. I do the podcast for people who want to listen to my ideas, thoughts and experiences.

6. When did you start this journey?

I started in September 2021. I was on my way to my new work and decided to type my expectations and related things but I decided that the subsequent thoughts be shared via a podcast

7. What has been your major achievements?

Getting feedback from people and actually applying some of the things I share on the podcast. So I did an episode on Boys Need Love Too, a friend listened with her roommates and one of them decided to get something for her crush as I was sharing examples of things/activities of things they can do for male friends or partners

8. What keeps you on track

I’m still finding trying to be on track lol. I switch up things I want to talk about because my podcast is typically unscripted. And I sometimes miss to record an episode because I’m working on other things.

9. What are your goals in the next 3 years for the podcast, what about in 10 years? (short
and long term goals.)

Become a better podcaster, interview my favourite people (Watch out for Conversations With Yao) and rank among the top 10 (wanted to say 5 lol)  podcasts in Ghana and by extension Africa. I should also start recording for Youtube.

10. Do you earn income from the same? Share more details.

No I don’t and my mentor (Godwin Dela Tettevi) has been on me to improve the podcast so I can monetize but for me, I’m only thinking about improving myself (podcast)

11. What challenges do you face? How do you work on overcoming them?

Adjusting to my recording microphone lol. My room allows for lots of echo. I’m still researching on how to make it better.

12. How would you motivate an African Youth to start their own Podcast?

Find what you can passionately talk about, find a good recording platform like Anchor (simple to use), and just record. Plus find some good podcasters to learn from and utilize YouTube to learn more about podcasting

13. What else do you do aside from running the podcast?

I work with Lead for Ghana: Lead For Ghana is a leadership development and network organization curating a nationwide movement of solution-driven leaders expanding educational opportunities to all children in Ghana. My other position is projects/content manager for Brand Creative, a digital agency into making Cashcow videos and more. I also co-lead Strictly Social Africa, a media and social club network. We’re on a mission to provide exciting viewing contents to our audience and help our ecosystem or community improve their social skills. In summary we do networking – creating a conversational environment and connecting people from grassroots level across Africa, starting with Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Botswana (we’re still building) where we currently operate. We are looking forward to expand to more countries.

14. How do you manage to juggle several projects/endeavours going on?

Honestly, it’s really hard and I’ve not found the balance yet but I’m improving my scheduling. I’m really stressed at the end of almost every week.

15. What would you say are the 3 most important things you do that keep you going. (Name any,
eg. Hobbies, how you unwind and recharge)

Travel, go to the beach and listen to music

16. If DYV is to host a panel discussion on any topic you are passionate about which affects
African Youth, what would it be?

Youth Development

17. Any motivational words that keep you going and can be of use to other young people?

Anything Is Possible.
Be Kind To Yourself.
Everything Happens For A Reason.


Interviewed by: Consolata Mthetwa 

Edited by: Jonas Zaithwa Chisi 

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Jonas Zaithwa Yewo Chisi


Jonas Zaithwa Yewo Chisi is an English Teacher, an author, poet, essayist, critic, editor and entrepreneur. He enjoys reading ancient literature and admiring nature.

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