Cars have GPS systems that essentially act as digital maps. If you don’t have a map or a GPS system,  you will have to rely on people’s directions to help you get to your destination. This is not the most  reliable approach, as someone can unknowingly lead you astray and so it’s vital that you have a map.  Similarly with your personal brand, you need to be in charge of which route it takes. You do this in a  number of ways. 


You probably know someone that is a sharp dresser and is regarded by everyone as fashionable.  That person has built an image which dictates how people describe them. In the same vein, it’s  possible to build a negative image based on how you dress. You need to decide on a dress sense and  be consistent about it. Understand that the way you are seen communicates your perceived worth  and seriousness. When I was a young professional I wanted to be taken seriously at my workplace and so I started wearing suits daily. I met resistance at first because I was breaking the norm but  ultimately the approach earned me respect and changed people’s views of me.  


Beyond how we look, people judge us based on how we speak. This is in the words we say and how we say them. If you are a timid person, you don’t have to tell people as they will pick it up from how  you talk about yourself. A person that believes in themselves will always talk positively about their 

abilities and potential. The way you talk about yourself is a reflection of your self-image. So as you  form that brand ensure that you not only walk the walk but you talk the talk as well.  


The internet is a great place for sharing information and following people that interest you. We put  up our thoughts through statuses, tweets and pictures. It’s all fun and games until what you post has  a ripple effect outside of social media. An example of this is earlier this year when Kevin Hart lost out  on presenting the 2019 Academy Awards due to a 2011 tweet that was deemed discriminatory.  Similarly you can damage your personal brand through the type of posts you share on social media.  People look at what you post and form an opinion of you. It’s completely on you to control what the  world thinks of you. Let your posts be guided by your values and the personal brand you wish to  build.  


Every professional sportsman is endorsed by a well-known brand. On the basis of the level of  recognition & popularity that the athlete has amassed, the companies are willing to attach their own  names to the athlete’s. This on the premise of the value of their personal brand, which goes beyond  being great at sports as it includes how they carry themselves in public. A few years ago Tiger  Woods’ personal affairs received a lot of negative press and led to the loss of some endorsement  deals. In your own life you may lose out on valuable relationships and business deals on the basis of  your conduct.  

A personal brand is your GPS in life, it will make sure you form intentional, consistent and value adding habits. Make time to reflect and map put your brand. Click To Tweet



Pako Moshagais a Managing Consultant at Talitha Cumi Personal Branding Consultants. To have Pako  speak at your event or address your team, find contacts below.  

Email: pako@talithacumi.co

Cell: (+267) 75 431 782

Pako has been featured on 3 nationwide Botswana based radio stations as a Personal Branding expert, has given keynote talks at 3 of Botswana’s top universities, has contributed articles to a nationwide newspaper and recently spoke at a regional Toastmasters Africa event. To see more of his work, follow him on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
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