MY EXPERIENCE: Working for a BIG4 Firm, Running an NGO and Becoming a CA

A brief background

My name is Wandipa Gopalume, I was born in a village named Tutume in the North Eastern part of Botswana. I was raised by my mother and grandmother.

I topped my classes in junior high and I performed considerably well at high school. The motivation often came from my teachers and my family as they cheered me every time for each milestone reached. I am a true definition of it takes a village to raise a child in the African context.

Choosing My Career Path

When it came to choosing my career path, I consulted a number of close family friends and others. I didn’t know I would have wanted to become a chartered accountant one day. My one goal was just to inspire or encourage young people especially women that their background doesn’t matter, that the sky is their limit, that they can attain whatever thing they set on their mind.

During my Varsity days I founded an NGO called Bantu Pride with a friend Lame Ramatebele. We wanted to reach out to young people so that we inspire, encourage and network. After becoming a CA, we noted there is a general need for chartered accountants in our country, Botswana  and there is a lack of support and a unified place to host them. This led us to shift our focus to chartered accountants so that we share our journeys and experiences to inspire aspiring CAs.

Working for a BIG 4 Accounting Firm & Running My NGO

It hasn’t always been easy working for a Big Four firm with numerous deadlines that are often back to back, and running the Becoming a CA platform. There is often burnout, anxiety and general fatigue.

Mentoring young students and professionals is a beautiful experience, nevertheless. It has allowed me to pursue my dream of contributing towards my society by availing mentorship and guidance opportunities.

Asked if there is a work-life balance, I’d say there is no such thing!

It takes passion, discipline and will power to pursue your goals and dreams. There is a satisfaction that comes with being a contributor to your society. There is a huge need to harness opportunities handed down to us but also to uplift others as we pursue those opportunities. – Wandipa GombalumeClick To Tweet

It’s important to leave the door open for others as ours are also opened.

The journey of Becoming a chartered accountant, having to juggle between exams and work and life in general is not an easy one. Hard choices have to be made. The issue of priority comes into play here. Sacrifices have to be made over time. Friends may be lost along the way but there is a need to show up all the time.

Edited by: Jonas Zaithwa Chisi


Wandipa Gopalume is a chartered accountant currently working for a Big Four audit firm in Botswana as an external auditor. I am passionate about youth and especially women empowerment. I have been actively contributing to my society through support and mentorship of young aspirant chartered accountants.

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