Today I share with you another beautiful story, a young Malawian Gospel artist, set out to to impact lives of people through the sweet melodies speaking life in people’s lives through sharing the gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ.

Commonly known as Melvin Music, Melvin Kalepa is a Gospel Artist. He is also an entrepreneur currently in the business of selling suits and men’s wear.

What inspired you to be an artist?

My relationship with God has inspired me to create, write and as well to release albums.

Understanding the nature of my father in heaven is what has been a constant motivation and inspiration for me as an artist.

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The Lord has been communicating to me through sounds, psalms, hymns and spiritual songs and I must say the experience has always left me undone.

That’s when I started thinking, what if I stand on the gap to take the same sound and deliver it to the church and the world. So I can say that’s what sparked my career in sharing the gospel through music.

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise.

James 5:13

Melvin Music continued by explaining the primary source of his passion,

I’m very passionate about sons and daughters coming home (World of Grace), fathers and mothers coming alive, families restored, cities awakened, and the world drenched in God in the most redemptive and beautiful ways possible. And perhaps God will do far more than we can even imagine. The Gospel really inspires me from the core and truly is my passion

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How did you start your music career?

I started doing professional music in 2014 after hearing a strong call on my life  and having personal encounters with God both in secret places and the place where I worship Fountain of Victory Church International. Of course I have been singing all along, since I was very young and I have been different choirs and different praise team set ups but never once thought of doing music seriously and also as a solo artist.

What is your vision?

One of the miracles of Christ – that the blind can see. There are times in your life that I believe God powerfully gives you vision, and you say, ‘Oh my gosh, that is not what I thought. In fact, that is the exact opposite of what I thought,as I said earlier on it see the world drenched in God in the most redemptive and beautiful ways possible.

Worship is an inward feeling and outward action that reflects the worth of God.

John Piper

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Who are the people involved in the production of your music?

As a musician there lots of people that turn my music into reality.

From the idea stage to the final product which is a well composed song is a process that many people don’t see.
I Currently work with a band called Spontaneous band. Most of the times, I will bring a concept and explain to my band members the vision and my views regarding the concept. As the band then takes that concept and translates it into a sound that can be heard and be appreciated by everyone. I must say that creates special relationship in the team.

From there, I go to the studio. Where my producers have to understand what we have created as a band. The producers then work on the sound adding more creativity and glory to the piece.

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In my latest album I have worked with Chigo Grace, a person I mostly share the stage with, one of the people that has been gifted when it comes to taking a song to a whole different feel and standard. I have also worked with EQ from Abstract Records and Peter Banda, who have been so dedicated in making the best music.

From studio, the songs now go to the marketing and publicity team. All I can say is it takes a lot of efforts from a lot of people to make sure that a well composed, high quality, uplifting gospel song to reach our audience, and I am grateful for all the dedication from everyone.

What would you say are the benefits people get from your gospel music?

I’d sound as though I am overemphasing if I explain all the testimonies I have received of people who have encountered God through the music.

But one of the testimonies and feedback I love highlighting is when someone says: ‘Finally, someone has given me the words I have always desired to say to God,’

At that point, it makes me realize that at that place where I can give a language to people and connect them to the father for the whole essence of worship is priceless.

It is not sufficient to offer the empty vessel of our joy unto God, or our singing voice in musical tune only; but also it is required that we fill our joyful voice with holy matter and good purpose, whereby God only may be reasonably praised.

David Dickson

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What have you been working on recently?

Lately I’ve been working on a book and an album called ‘Locked in Grace‘ The album and the book is a month old and some weeks old. And we are promoting it for now so that it can reached the unreached and touch the untouched. We are currently developing concepts of videos, so my fans expect videos from the album. Apart from that, we are set out to start a Locked In Grace book and album tour

Locked in Grace

As I said, I have Just released my album titled Locked in Grace and a book carrying the same anthem Locked in Grace Story. The songs are available on all music digital platforms and also in few places in Malawi as hard as copies Cds. Also, the book is on Amazon for download and the soft copy in some common book stores here in Malawi like Claim mabuku and Fountain of Victory Book Store.

Locked in Grace is more than an album. It is more than an artist’s compilation of best songs. Locked in Grace is a love message from the heart of the loving Father to His sons. It is a message that came from deep intimate moments of fellowship with God. Throne room experiences, the sound that is echoing throughout the whole world.

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You can buy the album on the following mediums

On iTunesAmazon, Play on AnghamiCD baby and on Spotify

On Spotify

Here is one of the songs from the Album, which you can download for free!

Final remarks

Apostle J Zibah and Melvin Music ministering together

I would like to appreciate my spiritual father Apostle J Zibah for his constant unwavering support and most important spiritual cover,It’s always overwhelming for the kind of love he shows.

How can people reach you?

The following are my contact details and social media handles:
Facebook – Melvin Music
Instagram – melvin_Kalepa_Music
Twitter – LIGMelvin
People can follow me through these mediums

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