Is it ever too late to say ‘Happy New Year?’

TweetShareSharePinEver caught yourself wondering whether it is too late to say “Happy New Year!” to someone? If I’m being honest with you, I’ve found myself in that exact position right about now. And the problem is, I’ve had these new years wishes at the back of my mind for a number of weeks now hoping […]Click to Read More

PANEL DISCUSSION: African Youth in Agriculture

TweetShareSharePinJoin us again this coming Saturday for another lively discussion amongst young African Farmers making strides in the Agriculture sector ZOOM MEETING DETAILS: Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 575 169 0759 Passcode: DYV13 ABOUT THE PANELISTS 1. Nixon Chitete Jr – Malawi Nixon Chitete Jr was born and raised in Malawi Kasungu District. He […]Click to Read More

AFRICAN LEADERSHIP REVISITED: The need for exceptional leadership in Africa

TweetShareSharePinPoverty, hunger, corruption and poor infrastructure are problems that have strongly engulfed Africa. As much as these challenges are severe and are gnawing away happiness of many Africans, I believe that in themselves the challenges are not our problems. The main problem lies with African leadership. For African to rise above these cancerous problems, there […]Click to Read More